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Networking to a Six Figure Photo Booth with Sharone Reid

May 08, 2022 Seye Omisore
Chapter Markers
Getting into the photo booth industry
Buying the first photo booth
Getting the first few customers thru white labeling
Breaking out of white labeling and doing her own thing
Early strategy with Instagram networking
Using Eventbrite and turning exposure events into paid gigs
From Trash photos to Fabulous photos, courtesy of PBX
Focusing on working with meeting planners to grow the FFPB brand
Learning my worth and charging more (especially corporate)
Mistakes that newbie photo booth companies make
Newbie photo booth companies need to find their own "Booth Identity"
Sharones advice to newbie photo booth companies
The Chit-chat photo booth podcast and dropping gems
How do you network if you hate people?
How would you spend $10,000 to start your photo booth business if you had to do it all again?